It is 23rd May 2015. We celebrate the feast of Our Lady help of Christians to remember the glorious return of Pope Pius VII from Napoleonic captivity. The readings are from Acts. 28:16-20, 30-31 and the Gospel from Jn. 21:20-25. The first reading is the total summary of the entire Acts of the Apostles. After […]

It is 21st May 2015. The readings are from Acts. 22:30-23:6-11 and the Gospel from Jn. 17:20-26. The first reading speaks about the trial of Paul. He used this opportunity to be the witness for Jesus. Every opposing and challenging situation in our lives must be an opportunity to share our faith and be a […]

It is 20th May 2015. It is the memorial of St. Bernardine of Sienna. Confessor, preacher known as Apostle of Italy. He was known for eloquent preaching. He declined three times the bishoprics. He said, “Practise first all that you desire to teach others.” The readings are from Acts.20:28-38 and the Gospel from Jn. 17:11b-19. […]

It is 18th May 2015. The readings are from Acts.19:1-8 and the Gospel from Jn.16:29-33. The first reading points out the importance of the Holy Spirit in our spiritual life. “When you believed, did you receive the Holy Spirit? They said to him “No, we never even heard that the Holy Spirit exists.” (Acts. 19:2). […]

It is 17th May 2015. It is the Ascension of our Lord. The readings are from Acts.1:1-11; Eph.4:1-13 and the Gospel from Mk. 16:15-20. Having promised the arrival of the Holy Spirit to all those who followed Him, Jesus ascended into His heavenly glory and inviting us to be the witnesses of Him preaching the […]

It is 16th May 2015. The readings are from Acts.18:23-28 and the Gospel from Jn.16:23b-28. The first reading speaks about the third and the last missionary journey. In Ephesus, an Alexandrian Jew, Apollos by name speaking and sharing his views on Jesus and the Way. The learned man was preaching to the Jews and the […]

It is 15th May 2015. The readings are from Acts.18:9-18 and the Gospel from Jn.16:20-23. The first reading talks about the ministry of Paul in Corinth for eighteen months. “Do not be afraid to speak out, not allow yourself to be silenced: I am with you. I have so many people on my side in […]

It is 14th May 2015. We celebrate the feast of St. Matthias, the Apostle. He is the patron of tailors, carpenters, reformed alcoholics and is prayed against smallpox. The readings are Acts. 1:15-17, 20-26 and the Gospel from Jn.15:9-17. The first reading describes the election of Matthias in the place of Judas Iscariot. “And they […]

It is 13th May 2015. We remember Our Lady of Fatima. The readings are from Acts.17:15,22-18:1 and the Gospel from Jn.16:12-15. The first reading presents the missionary work of Paul in Athens, the centre of Greek culture, philosophy and education. Paul began to speak on the works of God and leading them to understand the […]

It is 12th May 2015. The readings are from Acts. 16:22-34 and the Gospel from Jn.16:5-11. In the first reading, Paul and Selas faced hostility in Philippi, a Roman colony. The law-makers stripped them naked, lashed them and put them in prison. The missionaries were singing and praising God in the prison. No matter what […]