It is 23rd November 2015. We celebrate the memorials of Sts. Clement, the Pope and Martyr and Columban, the Abbot. The readings are from Dan.1:1-6,8-20 and the Gospel from Lk.21:1-4. The first reading highlights the spiritual plight of the people. Book of Daniel tries to answer the problems of the people of his time. When in fear, oppression, and persecution, people tend to sideline the spiritual matters. Jews of that period, ate pork, defiled the Sabbath, and worshipped idols. They lost the influence in the king’s court. Many ended up worshiping in the temples of Zeus. People lost hope in Judaism. Among all the people, there was Daniel and his three companions who remained faithful to God’s law. God was with them and granted them brilliance and wisdom. Daniel rose to the second rank in the kingdom which provided him to help his fellow Jews. When we are faithful to God during the time of difficulties, and persecutions, and uncertainties, God helps us. The responsorial Psalm praises, “Glory and praise for ever.” (Dn.3:52). The Gospel reminds about our responsibility to be a better believer by the story of a poor old widow. For God everything matters especially when offertory is done in love and utmost faith. God falls in love with us when we do something out of sacrifice. The poor old widow’s offertory was made out of love and sacrifice. She gave it all to God. May we ask the Lord to grant us the courage to be like the poor old widow.

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