It is 29th November 2015. It is the First Week of the Advent. The readings are from Jer.33:14-16; 1 Thess.3:12-4:2 and the Gospel from Lk.21:25-28, and 34-36. Today we begin the season of Advent and we begin the new liturgical year. The church invites us to be ready and prepared to receive the Lord. Advent means waiting and we wait eagerly for someone we love, we care and we are ready to invest our time on Jesus. In the liturgical calendar, the season of Advent means a joyful waiting, a waiting for someone with love. Truly, we are waiting for Jesus. We are waiting for someone very special to our core existence. Jesus is our Lord, Saviour, promise, love, the beginning, the end and the fulfilment. The name Advent means arrival of a person of importance, a king or a prince, or a leader; here it refers to Christ Jesus himself. The first reading assures that God is the just king. Our security is in God who will grants us hope in God’s son Jesus. The responsorial Psalm sings, “To you O Lord, I life my soul.” (Ps.25:1). The second reading invites us to be behave in a way that pleases God and to looking forward to meet the Lord Jesus. The Gospel cautions us to be prepared and to be careful not to indulge in the worldly pleasures such as corruption, physical pleasures and violence. We must be alert, vigilant and be on guard to be repentant and be available at the service of the Lord. May God bless you all through the Advent to meet Jesus.

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