It is 4th September 2015. The readings are from Col.1:15-20 and the Gospel from Lk.5:33-39. The first reading is the hymn of St. Paul just like the prologue of St. John. Christ is the head of everything that exists. The reconciliation in Christ is cosmic and shared to the entire community and therefore it has to be proclaimed day by day. Christ is above all powers. Jesus is not only equal to God (Phil.2:6) but He is God (Jn.10:30). He is not a reflection of God but he reveals God. Christ is fully human and fully divine. We witness the total Godhood in the human form of Christ. We need to recognize the supremacy and lordship of Christ in the Church. The mediation of Christ is the central theme of the hymn. We too are reconciled with God through the blood of Jesus on the cross. There is no way to God except the way of Christ. Unless we accept Christ, we will not be reconciled to God. The responsorial Psalm sings, “Come before the Lord, singing for joy.” (Ps.99:2). The Gospel addresses the issue of prayer and fasting. A believer needs to be a person of prayer and sacrifice. The pillars of our spiritual life are prayer, fasting and love. Fasting and prayer must not wound and quell our love towards ourselves, others and God. We need to be cautious about out rigid ways of approaches in accepting and practicing the values of the Gospel. As the religion requires newness so our lives too. We cannot patch the two extremes. May God bless you. Have a good day.

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