It is 5th September 2015. The readings are from Col.1:21-23 and the Gospel from Lk. 6:1-5. The first reading brings out the need for reconciliation with God after the estrangement from sin. The people of Colossae did not realize that they were alienated from God by sinning. Sin corrupts our thinking and attitude towards God. The process of corruption is slow, deep and sure. We shift our spiritual standards after falling away from grace. It is the sacrifice of Christ truly removes our sin. It happens only through reconciliation with God. We too have our obligation to do our part in the reconciliation. We need to long for holiness through the faith we hold in Jesus. Faith is in danger when we continue to live in sin. The responsorial Psalm prays, “God himself is my help.” (Ps.53:6). The Gospel speaks about the importance of Jesus over an established norms. The Society of Jesus wanted to fit Jesus into the existing systems and structures without realizing that He is the Lord of the universe. Pharisees thought that they had all answers and began to contain Jesus within the rules and regulations. Jesus wanted to teach them that human need is more important than human regulations. We cannot guard a rule over a human hunger. Jesus is much greater than the Sabbath. “The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath. (Lk.6:5) In our lives, are we sacrificing human persons and their needs over a rule or regulation? May the Lord help you to be reconciled to God in order to feel the need of the human person over an established norms and standards. May you have good day.

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