It is 19th October 2017. We celebrate the memorials of Saint Paul of the Cross, priest; Saints John and Isaac, priests, and martyrs. The readings are from Romans 3:21-30; and the Gospel from Luke 11:47-54. An enormous divine favour offered by God’s mercy to all who have sinned yet now redeemed through the grace of God in and through the passion and death of Jesus. God accepted the blood of Christ as the expiation for our sins. The salvation God offers is free for all who believe in His only Son Jesus. Our actions will be justified by the faith we have in Jesus. We do not earn our faith by our good works rather our faith in Jesus that propels us to do the good works. Our good works are the expressions of our deep faith in Jesus. We do not do good for our popularity and fame rather to demonstrate our faith in Jesus. Our good works are to be motived and guided by the grace that is experienced in our personal life in Jesus. We are justified by faith not merely by mere observance of the law. The responsorial Psalm acclaims. “With the Lord there is mercy, and fullness of redemption.” (Ps.130:7). In the Gospel, Jesus condemns the actions of the Pharisees for their building monuments for the prophets after killing them. Even though everyone of us are supposed live our lives as the witnesses of the truth, we can no longer hide the truth because of Jesus, the Truth in whom we place all our trust in Him. Actions must help the humanity especially those who are vulnerable, the weak, the marginalized and the poor. The justice of God is revealed through the grace and blessings we have received through our Lord Jesus. It is our duty to make know the justice of God through the faith we have in Jesus. Let us not be held responsible for the blood of the innocents the way we live in this world. May God continue to bless us to believe in Jesus as to experience the mercy of God. May you have a good day.

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