It is 21st October 2017. The readings are Romans 4:13, 16-18; and the Gospel from Luke 12:9-12. In the first reading we are encouraged to have the resilience of Abraham in believing God. Hoping against hope is indeed to believe the maximum that something will surely happen, although one knows it is not likely. It is a strong perception of Abraham who believed God yet he knew humanly it was impossible. Our Faith in God makes us to do the heroic actions which we would not do otherwise. We leap to the fullest bounds even though it is so vague and unclear. It is sheer faith that offers the tenacity of heart to do things we will be proud of. Faith is the unflinching grip we have on God at all times. The impact and influence of Abraham’s faith in our lives sheds light and clarity into our lives to walk an extra mile for God and to perceive things that does not exist. The responsorial Psalm praises, “The Lord remembers his covenant for ever. (Ps.105:8). The Gospel reminds us that acknowledging Jesus in our lives so vital to have the deeper connections with God. In the pursuit of believing Jesus, we must recognize the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit. Witnessing for Christ cannot happen without the help and due acknowledgement of the Holy Spirit. It is the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity who offers us wisdom and knowledge to withstand everything and removing all fear and making us to be courageous to take a stand for Christ. It is our openness to the Spirit of God makes us to bear witness for Christ. It is impossible to bear witness to the Truth by ignoring the Holy Spirit. We are all justified by our faith in Jesus that is strengthened and cemented by the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Let us acknowledge the Holy Spirit in our lives to face it all. “For the Holy Spirit will teach you at that very hour what you ought to say.” (Lk.12:12). May you have a good day.

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