It is 16th October 2017. We celebrate the memorials of Saint Hedwig, a religious and Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, a virgin; The readings are from Romans 1:1-7; and the Gospel from Luke 11:29-32. The first reading from St. Paul presents the truths of the faith in the early Church. There is a supernatural order for those who are born of the Spirit. He affirmed that the Spirit is superior to the flesh projecting the Spirit will live for ever while the flesh will die. It is the Spirit of God that liberates us and sets us free from all the bondages of the flesh and sin. The Gospel of Christ is the gift of God to the humanity to reach God. The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “The Lord has made known his salvation.” (Ps.98:22). The Gospel teaches us that we need to recognize, appreciate and accept the presence of Christ above all else. Coming to know and to love Jesus is the privilege. May the Lord bless to know Him who reveals and shares the holiness of God with the entire humanity. May you have a good day.

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