It is 5th September 2018. The readings are from 1 Corinthians 3:1-9; and the Gospel from Luke 4:38-44. Growth and blessings always come from God when we collaborate with God. Whether the growth is spiritual or physical, it takes a lot of people to achieve it yet no one takes the credit except God. Many Catholics proudly say at times that because that particular priest, I am a Catholic today and blessed. Yes, indeed. But then it is God who sent that particular priest in one’s life with the gift of faith. We must not claim undue importance and achievement while spreading the love of God and strengthening the faith of the believers. Unnecessary jealousy and unfair criticisms truly cost the growth of the Church at large. We too hear among the clerics that the missionaries did not spread the faith in a deeper level or those who came first to sow the seeds of faith could have done this or that. It is good to have self-evaluation not self-criticism. Feedbacks without prejudice, jealousy and wrangling must be avoided at all levels of our evangelisations. It is truly the responsibility put on our shoulders to continue working for the welfare of the Church as a co-worker with God. So we must avoid all kinds of divisions and factions among us. Let us stop working for my group, my tribe, my race, my people instead start offering our service and love to our people, our group, our church. Everyone has to play his/her part in the building of the kingdom. We will be reward for the work we do to the community of believers by God. No one’s part is glorious than the other. Everyone’s tiny effort is so crucial and so important for the growth of the community. Let us not divide the Church for our selfish, petty and hidden agenda. May we not push our personal and secretive wishes inside the church creating confusion and creating so many WhatsApp groups and subtly divisive worded messages. Let us not destroy the unity and peace of the Church by our unnecessary messages and overcrowded gossiping. God will punish those people so seriously who divide the House of God for their gossips and jealousy. We are just co-workers for God and let us learn to give credit to God otherwise it will ruin our church with jealousy and groupism. The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “Happy the people the Lord has chosen as his own.” (Ps.32:12). The Gospel invites us to be evangelizers beyond our comfort borders, boundaries, relationship. Having done the good work in the community where we belong, we must stretch our hands and hearts to those who are in need elsewhere. “I must proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God the other towns too, because that what I was sent to do.” (Lk.4:44). We cannot keep Jesus for ourselves only. We need to give Him to others and to spread the Good News to as many people as possible beyond the comfortable distances. Do our words and actions reflect Jesus? Are we spreading the Good News or bad news in our communities? Are we the children of God or the Agents of Satan? So far, we have not healed, preached, served enough. Let us begin doing something for Christ and the Church. May God bless you and have a good day.

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