It is 4th September 2018. The readings are from 1 Corinthians 2:10-16; and the Gospel from Luke 4:31-37. The Word of God has the inherent power of God to deal with the evil head on. God’s word has the authority to cast out any evil or the works of the devil. It is very difficult for everyone of us to be spiritual and to value the spiritual things just because we do not communicate and value the Spirit of God in our lives. The vitality of human person resides in the spirit of the person without reducing the importance of human body. To believe and accept the mysteries and plan of God, everyone needs the guidance of the Holy Spirit. For some of us to be spiritual means nothing and uncouth. It is spontaneous to be materialistic and worldly while to be spiritual everyone has made certain effort to live a life with the help and guidance of the spirit of God. We can never know, love, understand and serve God without the help of the Holy Spirit. No human philosophy can ignore the Spirit of God. It is not what others see and value in ourselves but what God sees and values as we are with the power of the Spirit of God. Human spirit is valued and recognised and enhanced spiritually by the Holy Spirit. Our physical life alone cannot help us to understand, love, know and serve God. The worldly power, pride, lust and avarice can never offer any sustenance to the spirit of the person. The responsorial Psalm praises, “The Lord is just in all his ways.” (Ps.144:17). Having rejected by his own home town, Jesus begins His ministry and mission in Capernaum that becomes the second home town. Jesus the Word of God dispels the darkness and deals with the evil spirit directly. When we have the Word of God in our hearts and lives, we do not need to fear any evil power or evil spirit. Nothing can harm us including the roaring of the devil around us when we are able to become an abode for the Word of God to reside. The evil spirit and the unspiritual persons know the power of the Word of God and its impact on them. In meeting the needs and demands of the world, let us not suppress and surrender our spirit to the world of evil and its token of pleasures. Let us truly be serious with our spiritual life daily and accommodate the Word of God as the source of peace and hope our lives. May you have a good day.

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