It is 6th September 2018. The readings are from 1 Corinthians 3:18-23; and the Gospel from Luke 5:1-11. The worldly wisdom and knowledge cannot offer happiness and peace that is lasting to human soul. Let us be open and willing to learn the Word of God without much scrutiny and dissecting. The purpose of the Word of God is to encounter and embrace God and Christ, the Messiah. What is truly required for us to be blessed by the Word of God is the unquestionable willingness to learn without an attitude of being wise and all knowing. Our reading and reflecting the Word of God must help us to improve our affiliation and strengthen the faith in God and Christ. The Word of God is the revealed wisdom of the Father. God wants us to have knowledge but not at the cost of losing the wisdom that comes from God’s Word. When the knowledge of the world rejects outrightly the power and influence of the Word of God, the Wisdom of God, it so dangerous spiritually that we might lose the minimal connections with God. Knowledge comes from the human experiences and books, but wisdom comes by the relationship and friendship we have with God. In yesterday’s reflection, St. Paul insisted that as long as jealousy and factionalism is present among the believers, they are immature, imperfect, childish and foolish. In today’s reading, He warns the Corinthians against their attachment with the wisdom of the world. The authentic and reliable wisdom lies with Christ Jesus not with the leaders. He urges them not to boast in their leaders who brought the Good News but to Christ. Everything belongs to the Christians and all Christians belong to Christ and Christ ultimately belongs to God. “So there is nothing to boast about in anything human; (1 Cor.3:23). The responsorial Psalm praises, “The Lord’s is the earth and its fullness.” (Ps.23:1). The Gospel narrates the call of Peter and his companions through the miraculous catch of fish. Jesus approached Peter and entered into his life even though he was not so fully aware. Peter witnessed the healing of his mother-in-law, the exorcism of the possessed, and now the most humbling miraculous catch of fish that brought him to fall at the knees of Jesus to leave begging Jesus to leave him. Wisdom of God demands the unquestionable obedience to Christ. We all can have our knowledge about the trade we are in yet God wants us to plunge into action relying on and believing in the power of God’s Word. Simon answered, “Master, we have worked all night long but have caught nothing. Yet if you say so, I will let down the nets.” (Lk.5:5). Whatever the efforts we have put so far acquiring knowledge and skills in our lives, if we do not take on the Word of Jesus seriously, we will end up frustrated. We cannot be successful in life without Jesus. We cannot go on fooling ourselves walking alone without Jesus and not allowing Him to have a seat in our life boat. Let us not think so highly of ourselves and our skills leaving Jesus. As soon as we embark on a journey of trust in Jesus, there is nothing going wrong. Jesus knows our weakness and sinfulness and He is more than willing to help us if we obey Him. May the Holy Spirit help us to embrace the wisdom of the Father to be fruitful and humble followers of Christ Jesus. May you have a good day.

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