It is 26th June 2020.
The readings are from 2 Kings 25:1-12; and the Gospel from Matthew 8:1-4.
The first reading concludes with loss, sadness, and exile in the life of Israel and Judah.
When do we feel we are lost? Is it during a material or spiritual impact on lives? The answer is obvious that penetrates our entire being.
Once we lose the intimacy with God, we begin to experience that everything is slipping away from our life one by one.
The glory of Israel and Judah disappeared in a blink of an eye for the way they handled God in their lives. How do we relate or retaliate to God? A complete portrayal does not emerge in the context of betrayal.
God never intends to bring any suffering, pain and loss on our life but allows us to learn something from every ordeal of life.
The Hand of God is always extended towards us as the Heart of God is open to receive us.
We need to have something positive to live for when we are faced with loss and pain.
The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “Let my tongue be silenced, if I ever forget you!” (Ps. 137:6).
The Gospel presents us the healing of a leper. Preaching without healing does not help the one who believes the message.
Healing does not require pompous and bombastic presentation.
Healing happens in the environment of faith and trust. The leper expressed the desire to be healed and leaving the option of healing to Jesus. Eventually, Jesus responded him by healing him. “If you want to you can heal me.” Jesus reached out and touched him, “I do want to.” (Mt.8:2,3).
God is impressed in our direct, simple and brief requests and more than willing to offer to those who ask.
It is not the desperation for healing but longing for restoration and belief in Jesus that He has and can heal us even it is leprosy.
A leper supposed to be quarantined according to social norms. But he knew and believed that there is no one could quarantine and distancing him from Jesus. No sickness has power to distance ourselves from the Lord. Jesus wants to touch us, heal us and make us whole again. Touching a leper was unthinkable yet Jesus touched him and assured him that in His Heart there is space for the one who suffers and goes through stigma in the community. No matter whoever ill treat you, but the Lord is ready to treat us with dignity, love, care and compassion.
Spiritual isolation never makes someone health rather engagement with the Lord does. May the Lord help us to come closer to him to experience the healing power of the Lord by engaging and encountering Jesus in our life. May you have a good day.

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