It is 27th June 2020. We celebrate the memorial of St Cyril of Alexandria, bishop and doctor of the Church. The readings are from Lamentations 2:2, 10-14, 18-19; and the Gospel from Matthew 8:5-17.
Some people repeatedly inflict pain in our life under the banner of love, faith and life.
Spiritualizing the hurts secludes God, a loving relationship and a connection with the suffering humanity.
Believing in false prophets and teachers is another form of idolatry.
False belief begets morbid hope, love, and faith that brings suffering, pain and humiliation for not allowing God to act in our lives.
Wherever false prophets are abounding, the mindfulness of humanity is constantly made blunted, and benumbed.
A bunch of thousands want to preach, reach and teach others without leading them to God but to themselves.
Some of us believe these self-proclaimed prophets, healers, teachers who have no moral integrity to lead people to God, and introspect the life of people. Their minds are filled with filth of fame, money, mesmerizing false prophecies to mislead the poor and the vulnerable with the scriptural promises and assurances. These false prophets do not address the nakedness of the inflicted poverty, forced exiles of the immigrants, pain and suffering of the sick, the elderly, and young innocent minds, the greed, indifference and selective neglect of certain sections of people by the money-magnets of the world. They choose to speak of prosperity of life over the poverty of the spirit.
To be philosophically enlightened does not always lead us to be theologically connected. At times, people who are philosophically sound lack the sensitivity toward theological mysterious of God.
The first reading challenges us to examine our spiritual life and choices as we reflect the most painful and humiliating moments of people of Israel. Without faith and personal discernment through prayer, we cannot identify the false prophets in our life. Our relinquishing happens in recognizing those who lead us to Christ.
The responsorial pleads, “Lord, forget not your poor servants for ever” (Ps.74:19)
Miracles do happen in the environment of mercy and total surrender. The Gospel highlights the centurion’s faith. Our belief in Jesus is rewarded in the simple submission of our souls to God. Jesus desires to heal each one of us during this pandemic. Our attitude needs to be that of Centurion and our willingness to acknowledge our unworthiness. “Let it be done for you as you have believed.” (Mt. 8:13). Gift of faith germinates in the moisture of the Word of God and charity. “He took our infirmities and bore our diseases.” (Is.53:4). Only Jesus alone can heal our wounds and cure our diseases. Jesus wants us to set us free from the slavery of sin and selfishness. May our faith allow Him to heal our inner wounds and to recognize the false and misleading people around us. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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