It is 25th June 2020.
The readings are from 2 Kings 24:8-17; and the Gospel from Matthew 7:21-29
We are designed to win but programmed to lose. Some things we say and do drain the energy of life and empties our hope in us and around us. Life teaches enough lessons for each one of us to be happy in every stage. Life is the only reality that allows us to find God. God, the Giver of life never leaves us to lose. Life does not settle with draws and defeats. Life lessons are prescriptions for healing personal and communal hurts and brokenness. Life alerts and reprimands us time and time again for a peaceful, secured and prosperous life. Choosing to listen to the forces of evil leads to humiliation and destruction.
The unforgettable story of pain, humiliation and exile of people was brought by a young king in the first reading. Sin brings pain, shame and guilt. Just because you are a young person, there is no need to fail. We have an example of a young king who instead of listening to the voice of the Spirit of God, he followed his heart for pleasure. “He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord, just as his father had done.” (2 Kings 24:9). Having been humiliated by Babylonian king, the young king submitted to serve the foreign king for three more years. Some leaders do not have the inner stamina to bring out the best in people rather they drain the minds and erode the consciences for the personal agenda of retaining in power.
The responsorial Psalm implores, “For the glory of your name, O Lord, deliver us.” (Ps. 79:9).
As we continue to listen to Jesus about the qualities of a disciple, in the Gospel, Jesus proposes three things for every follower. Pay attention, comprehension and assimilation of the Word of God to serve fruitfully.
Life is a fortress of hope and love cannot be built on the periphery and surface. Positive thinking alone can take us nowhere but positive actions do. We all wish for many things, but we do not have the resources to respond positively and constructively. Unless our life is built on Christ, the rock, there is a danger of being washed out by some fancy ideologies. “Everyone who listens to these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock.” (Mt.7:24). Only a sensible person could anchor on Christ. Sensual person hangs around the world that is changing. It is not our noises we make in our faith encounters attract God but our silent surrender to God. May the Lord help us to overtake our words by our actions. May you have a lovely day. God bless you.

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