Are we idealising people over God? 

Good morning good people. May the Risen Lord give you peace in the Holy Spirit! It is 29th

Good morning good people.

May the Risen Lord give you peace in the Holy Spirit! It is 29th April 2024.

We reflect on Acts 14:5-18 and John 14:21-26.

Are we idealising people over God?

The gifts of the Spirit are given not to us make ourselves boasting, bossy and petty gods rather than to humble ourselves to give credit to God who deserves the praise and honour for such gifts that are entrusted to us.

The first reading presents us with a miracle of crippled person from birth by the intercessions of St. Paul and Barnabas.

The people mistook them as Greek gods who were among them to provide healing. People believed Barnabas for Zeus and Paul for Hermes. They idolised these apostles as gods for having performed a miracle among them. The people went to the extent to offer sacrifices to them.

But the apostles were humble enough to remind them that there were merely human beings and there is an urgent need to turn to God not to idols.

Who are the people whom we have idolised and got fixated spiritually and built altars of praise, boasting and vain glory in our lives?

Let us destroy the altars of our petty and secrets gods of glory and return to the Lord for the wonders God performs every minute of our lives.

In the Gospel, Jesus assures us that the Most Holy Trinity would love to have a home in our lives when we have assimilated the Word of God.  Jesus promises us all the Holy Spirit as the Advocate, the one who supports, defends, speaks in favour of us to God.

It is God’s love that rewards us with peace, joy and contentment in our lives. We cannot love or worship God without listening and accommodating His Words in our lives.

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