It is 2nd Day of December 2014. We are on the second day of the Advent. We are invited to look into ourselves, our attitudes and behaviour patterns. Some of the patterns make us to be far from God and from one another. PRIDE is an attitude which makes to be far from God and from one another. When we are proud, we become worldly, consumeristic, narrow-minded and exclusive and selective in finding good in others. Pride makes us to behave that we have everything and we do not need to worry about others. Pride does not allow us to connect with other others. God hates proud and arrogant persons. Pride kills the religiousness and brings out the terror within and around ourselves. Pride destroys the inner person and builds the outer person. Pride also makes us to behave and believe that there is no need for divine intervention in our lives. May we be able to be an instrument or a vehicle of love and humility. After all it is love that manures our faith while pride demolish the foundations and the roots of faith.

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