It is 06th September 2015. It is 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. The readings are from Is.35:4-7a; Jas.2:1-5 and the Gospel from Mk.7:31-37. The first reading promises us that God himself will come to save God’s people. God’s care and love is on those who are helpless. God is going to vindicate the enemies of God’s people. God wants to open the blindness and to clear the deafness to God’s words. When God comes personally to save us, the Word of God which is the living water will burst from the hearts and drench and satisfy the angry and thirsty hearts. “Be strong, fear not! Here is your God…, he comes to save you.” (Is. 35:4). The Responsorial Psalm sings, “Praise the Lord, my soul!” (Ps.146:1). The second reading invites us to be a committed and converted people through our good deeds more especially through impartiality to everyone whether rich or poor. We need to commit our lives to Christ on a daily basis. There is no favouritism among God’s people. The Gospel presents the healing of the hard of hearing in a person by Jesus. After the healing Jesus rebukes people not to speak about the healing. The message of Jesus must not be lost or undermined through these healings. Jesus did not want to present himself as a miracle worker. When we are open to the message of Jesus, healings are possible. Jesus is interested in healing us only through His Word and the Sacraments. There is a part in us completely dead and deaf to the Word of God which needs to hear the message: Ephphatha means be opened. The Lord is more than willing to save us. May the Lord bless you and heal your wounds and sickness. Have a good day.

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