It is 05th October 2015. The readings are from Jon. 1:1-2:1-2,10 and the Gospel from Lk. 10:25-37. The first reading shares the story of Jonah and his relationship with God. His story of being in the belly of a fish for three days is explained in relation to Christ’s death and resurrection. When life is going on well, we tend to forget God and take our spiritual life for granted. As soon as the violent and uncontrollable waves hit the shores of our lives and toss us to and fro, we begin to lose hope and cry to God. Our faith must be consistent and a constant response to the call of God. The responsorial Verse prays, “You lifted my life from the pit, O Lord.” (Jon. 2:7). The Gospel presents to us the Story of Good Samaritan. Our love for God can never be devoid of the human person. Our faith in God is in relation with fellow human beings. It is love that connect us and God. A true neighbor is someone of any race, tribe, creed or social background who is in need. When there is true love, it goes beyond the borders and boundaries of human standards of relating with the other and helping one another. Love permeates and meets people in an unfathomable way. Love pays more than it is due. May God help us to relate with the others in a consistent and a mutual loving way. May God give you peace.

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