It is 14th October 2015. We celebrate St. Callistus I, the Pope and Martyr. The readings are from Rom.2:1-11 and the Gospel from Lk.11:42-46. The first reading teaches us never to judge. God is our judge and God’s judgement is fair and true. Our judgement can be biased and partial when we do not have the full facts, patience, kindness and greatness like God. God will not delay in judging the evil in us and reward us when we do good. God does not look at who you are rather what you are and what have you done with the faith in God. God is concerned about the inside of every human person. So, “No matter who you are, if you pass judgement you have no excuse.” (Rom.2:1). The responsorial Psalm prays, “Lord, you repay each man according to his deeds.” (Ps.61:13). The Gospel warns us that we need to be careful with what we say must tally what we do. Jesus accuses the scribes for being proud, selfish, insincere and not practicing what they teach. When we give too much importance to the meticulous outward observances, we may end up like the people who Jesus accused. We cannot go on give importance to outward appearance and ignoring the inner condition of our hearts and lives. We can fool people with our sweet tongue never God. Let what we say and teach come from our personal lives always then it will be blessed by God and appreciated by Jesus. May we always bring our inner lives as a sacrifice and offertory to God on a daily basis. May God give you peace.

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