It is 2nd June 2017. We celebrate the memorial of Saints Marcellinus, a priest and Peter, an exorcist, the Martyrs. The readings are from Acts 25:13-21; and the Gospel from John 21:15-19. As many times, we have moved away from Christ, so many times we need to move in as intimately as possible to enjoy the blessings of Christ. People and the structures could be unreasonable and unjust, yet we can always bring the best out of ourselves. Vision of Christ for all the believer is to move on in our lives with the power of the Holy Spirit for the sake of spreading the Good News. St. Paul nearly escaped being murdered by those who hated and opposed him. God’s ways and timings are so strange, we have no clue what is going to come ahead in our lives. If God has decided to protect and provide, there is never a shortage in His providence. St. Paul providentially was released and he brought Christianity to Rome. Never give up on God and in His mighty intervention, no matter who is standing against you. We just need to be enveloped in His presence always. Everything is in God’s hands. The responsorial Psalm praises, “The Lord has set his sway in heaven.” (Ps.102:19). The Gospel clarifies the position of St. Peter by the intimate interrogation by Jesus. Jesus having reminded St. Peter, how he would die for him asking him personally whether he would love Jesus more than his profession, family, friends and comrades. Three times of his denial required three times of affirmation. How many times our churches, communities, and Christian leaders remind us whether we love Jesus enough? It is indeed easy to say that we love Jesus but to prove what we say, we need to provide the sacrifices we have made for Him. Let us not be idealistic in loving Him rather be realistic. May you have a good day.

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