God deserves our being.
It is 6th June 2017. We celebrate the memorial of St. Norbert, the Bishop. The readings are from Tobit 2:9-14; and the Gospel from Mark 12:13-17. Finding God in daily events of our lives and attributing the meaning optimistically would help us honouring God more than any human establishments. In the first reading, we learn that Tobit lost his eye sight by an accident yet he believed God knew about this, accepted it and being faithful to God even in his blindness. In our lives, there are things happening beyond our control, and eventually make our thoughts and beliefs go weak. In those moments, more than ever, we need to approach God in a way that we have a meaning for fruitful living amidst the odd situations of our lives. No problem or challenge is going away from us just by running away from God and blaming God for what had happened. Our hidden goodness is that which attracts God to us and make us more sensible in relating with others. Even if our close friends and relatives doubt our faithfulness and goodness, we just need to hold on to God until something good happens to us and around us. We need to be good and do good for the sake of doing good not for any human praises and rewards. Our spiritual blindness makes us to be suspicious about the goodness in others. When we ourselves have a greater need to work on our blind spots in our lives, we must be extremely caring in looking at other’s struggle to accept God be the reason for all that is happening in our lives. The responsorial Psalm praise, “The heart of the just one is firm, trusting in the Lord.” (Ps.111:7). The Gospel teaches us that we need to honour God and respect the state. We cannot ignore one over the other. As a believer, we have the responsibility towards the state and privilege to honour God. God cannot be encroached and invaded by the corporate mentality of the corrupted human structures. Our human minds always long for God and therefore let us be honest in giving what is due for God. May God be the first in loving and serving. Let us never attempt to replace God by our immoral, greedy, selfish and power-mongering mentalities. In loving and serving God as the priority, we must not forget about the state. Let not one swallow the other in our lives. May you have a good day.

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