It is 22nd August 2017. We celebrate the memorial of the Queenship of Mary. Pope Pius XII proclaimed this feast in 1954 he pointed out that Mary deserves the title “Queen” and “Mother” because of her closeness in associating herself with the redemptive work of Jesus, for her extraordinarily perfect holiness and unceasing intercession for us all. It is the Feast day for our parish where I lead the people of God. May the powerful intercession of our Beloved Mother bring peace, blessings and Health to all the parishioners and all who associate with the parish and participate with their prayers and material support. As Jesus is the King of Peace, it is so rightly hailed her as the Queen of Peace. The mother of the King has a say in the matter of governance and decision making in the past. Our Mother Mary from the beginning has the powerful influence on our Lord Jesus. Mary is the queen of our hearts because of her unwavering commitment she demonstrated till the end by being a handmaid of the Lord. God could not find a better woman filled with grace and holiness in the entire world. Mary is not the source of grace but through her all graces are received. She is our permanent intercessor. She knows how to put our request to in such a way that we could enjoy receiving them. Could Jesus refuse anything if Mother Mary would ask Him on our behalf? She is our channel to Jesus, the King of Peace. She is the Mediator to Jesus. The readings are from Judges 6:11-24 and the Gospel is from Mt.19:23-30. The first reading clearly shows that God takes initiative to redeem God’s people no matter how much people have sinned and gone away from God. We reflect about the vocation of Gideon, a rich farmer and businessman and entrusted him with a specific task. Gideon expressed his unworthiness but God rejects. God always assures us when we respond to God. “The Lord answered him, “Peace be with you; have no fear; you will not die.” (Jud.6:23). The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “The Lord speaks peace to his people.” (Ps.84:9). The Gospel teaches us that to be at peace with God one needs to be poor and make certain amount of sacrifice. Eternal life is not for free. We can enjoy and inherit the eternal life only when we have clasped the hands of God in humility, service and sacrifice. “For men, this is impossible; for God, everything is possible.” And those who are willing to let go and let in God enjoy the blessings of peace. “Many who are first will be last, and the last, first.” (Mt. 19:30). May you have a good day. May God bless you with His peace.

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