It is 23rd August 2017. We celebrate the memorial of St. Rose of Lima, Virgin. The readings are from Judges 9:6-15; and the Gospel from Matthew 20:1-16. Gideon, who strongly believed that God is the king of Israel, while one of his seventy-two sons, Abimelech thought differently and killed all his 70 brothers except Jotham whose prophecy we hear today. In this reading, Jotham strongly condemned the monarchy and dictatorship that offers no space for God. Abimelech was like a thorn bush, who could offer any protection and security whether material or spiritual ended up destroying the city of Shechem and burned ‘the tower of Shechem.’ A productive person is glued to his personal success and glory and power politics. Such a leader would not worry about the common good except personal gain and glory. When people begin to believe in a human leader as their means of protection and rejecting God, they will have to face the consequence of the rule and reign of the power and politics of the human person. On the contrary, trusting in God and believing in His protection will always be paid in time. If a leader is approved by God and blessed by Him, the blessings flow to people. The responsorial Psalm prays, “O Lord, your strength gives joy to the king.” (Ps.20:2). The Gospel clarifies that God is the one who runs the show with His wisdom and justice. Personal heritage, the position, any feeling of superiority does not count in front of God’s generosity. Eternal life is the moment of grace. Every human being deserves the eternal life. It is through the mercy of God one is offered happiness and salvation. It is all about being noticed by God in searching for the paths of salvation. For some of us gain it by strenuous sacrifices while others enjoy by a spark or a moment of mercy and of grace. Let us be thankful always that God has His ways of redeeming God’s people in given moment of their lives. May we collaborate with God while working for God without complaining, comparing, or resenting. May you have a good day.

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