It is 13th November 2017. The readings are from Wisdom 1:1-7; and the Gospel from Luke 17:1-6. There are five books in the Old Testaments namely Job, Proverbs, Sirach, Ecclesiastes and the book of Wisdom. In the first reading, we are taught that Wisdom dwells in the innocent and simplicity of the human heart. Wisdom is the Spirit of God loves to visit and reside where there is no duplicity, deviousness, luxury, proud living, and artificial and plastic lives. A simple heart is clear, transparent, open, strong, pure, sincere, honest, trusting, unselfish and true. It is such clean heart comprehends God and the plans of God. Wisdom leads us to find the right and meaningful purpose of our lives and enables us to achieve it. “For wisdom is a kindly spirit, but will not free blasphemers from the guilt of their words; because God is witness of their inmost feelings, and a true observer of their hearts, and a hearer of their tongues.” (Wis. 1:6). The responsorial Psalm intercedes, “Lead me, O Lord, in the path of life eternal.” (Ps.138:24). The Gospel reprimands us telling that we must be extremely careful of being an obstacle not to scandal anyone in their faith and the moments of forgiveness. We need to transcend the numerical ways of forgiveness to inspiring ways of forgiveness. It is impossible to feel the presence of God in the absence of the authentic human connectedness. Some of us wound the others by the way we live and treat others when we have known the truth about the fallenness of the others. We tend become self-righteous, proud and arrogant that scandals the others and eventually we do not offer the space for the Spirit of God, the Wisdom to takes its course and ways. We need the abundance of faith and forgiveness to be sincere in our spiritual lives. We cannot pretend before God. The fallenness of the others just a reminder for me personally to be in touch with my own brokenness within known to God alone. As we wish to be forgiven and accepted when we have failed, let us give the opportunity for the others to forgive. Where forgiveness abounds, faith abounds. May you have a good day.

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