It is 15th November 2017. We celebrate the memorial of Albert the Great, Bishop and Doctor of the Church. The readings are from Wisdom 6:1-11; and the Gospel from Luke 17:11-19. A stern warning is issued in the first reading for all those who hold the helm of the affairs and those who mercilessly and fearlessly abusing the office for their own benefits. No one can fool God for long with the monetary muscle power and evil cunningness. Being ungrateful and forgetful of God after coming to the positions whether in the Church or in the society hurts God and God’s people. It is God who gives us the leaders because all authorities come from God. To obey the leader is to obey God himself. Since the power to lead is given by God, God holds the keys to judge the small and the great alike. More the power and the responsibility one holds, more severely scrutinized and judged by God. No one is above God, and no one can claim to be great before God. “Because as servants of his kingdom you did not rule rightly, or keep the law, or walk according to the purpose of God, he will come upon you terribly and swiftly, because severe judgment falls on those in high places.” (Wis.6:4). When the leaders forget God and God’s plans for God’s people, God deals with them. The responsorial Psalm pleads, “Arise, O God, judge the earth.” (Ps.81:8). In the Gospel, we encounter our Lord Jesus who heals the lepers and expects them to return to thank Him. Nine of them forgot the Healer. Only one went back to the Lord to thank Him. Jesus has done wonderous healings in our lives, how often we go to Him to say thank you. God hates ingratitude of a human heart. Being thankful is the highest form of sacrifice. We tend to become evil, selfish and shrinking inwardly small when we forget God for all that we are today. It is time to thank God for all that God has done to us and wills to do for us. Our lives are in the hands of God. We must not fear and be anxious about whatever is churning around us. Let us continue to thank God because we have not thanked Him as we should be. Say a word of prayer for Zimbabwe. May you remain blessed.

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