It is 5th June 2018. We celebrate the memorial of St Boniface, Bishop and Martyr. The readings are from 2 Peter 3:11-15, 17-18; and the Gospel from Mark 12:13-17. New heaven and earth is possible where God becomes the centre and reason for our existence and living. Patience and peace is possible for those who wait for the coming of the Lord and vowing not to listen to false and fake teachers and preachers. We are living in a world that promotes and propagates fake news and there are millions of people believe it. We begin losing hope in our leaders and the institutions we treasured once seeing all that is unfolding in the world day by day. We compromise our moral and spiritual lives over social lives. We begin to wonder whether we do things right or wrong and begin to justify our stand and actions. Life must be an ever-growing shrub that heals the environment and nourishes the growth from within. In the first reading, St. Peter as he concludes the epistle warn us not to be carried away by the unprincipled people but be willing to grow spiritually and challenging those people by standing for truth and love. “Go on growing in the grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” (2 Pet.3:18). The responsorial Psalm praises, “O Lord you been our refuge from one generation to the next.” (Ps.89:1). The Gospel invites us to be generous to God as we are always go out for people. At times we begin to take from the resources whether it is time, money or human resources that belong to God and offering for our sustenance and survival. “Give back to Caesar what belong to Caesar and to God what belong to God.” (Mk.12:17). We cannot and should not use that which belongs to God for the welfare of the state and the individuals. God is the sovereign and none is equal to God. We must not engage ourselves praising and worshiping a leader over God in our lives. No human can replace the place of God and the honour God alone enjoys in our life. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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