It is 16th August 2018. We celebrate the memorial of St. Stephen of Hungary. A king who worked for the welfare of the Church. He introduced a type of tithes for the Church and he encouraged everyone to support a priest. The readings are from Ezekiel 12:1-12; and the Gospel from Matthew 18:21-19:1. God does not condone any of our unforgiving and arrogant attitudes by God’s patience and silence. God expects us to listen and act. God wishes us to forgive and forget. God wants us to move on in our lives. We are all so spared from many evil things not because we are so good just because God is good. Being forgetful of God’s favour in lives will harden our souls and minds towards those in need of forgiveness and recognition. In the first reading, the prophet Ezekiel repeatedly showed them symbolical actions to make them understand that God cannot be ignored and people cannot go on sin. He encouraged them to return to the Lord swiftly. How often in our lives do we remember the favour and graces we enjoyed from the Lord even though we are not entitled and worthy of such gifts? The responsorial Psalm reminds us, “Never forget the deeds of the Lord.” (Ps.77:7). The Gospel insists the importance of forgiveness in our lives. We can never match God in forgiving others. God forgives us immeasurably. God does not keep a track record of the times God has forgiven us. God does not forgive us out of pity or sympathy. God forgives us just because God loves us more than any one else could do. Jesus instructed St. Peter as the leader to forgive the persons to enjoy God’s blessings and peace. It is all how we treat one another when we hold a responsibility in the society, the community and the Church. Let us always be watchful of the swollen hearts with pride and selective forgetfulness of goodness in others. Even the sky is not the limit in forgiving others. When we do not have love for others, we cannot forgive others. Unforgiving heart is indeed the sickly heart that is ungrateful and remiss. We have not forgiven enough so far in our lives. We all have someone in our hearts or in our lives needs that forgiveness. May the Lord give you courage to forgive that someone with the memory of being forgiven by God. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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