It is 15th September 2018. We celebrate the memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. The readings are from Hebrews 5:7-9; and the Gospel from John 19:25-27. True love accepts any amount of pain and sorrow for the sake the one it has committed to love. Love does not spectate but partakes in the scariest moments of living. Mother Mary who loved Jesus not only as her own Son but also as the Son of God. She received the blows of sorrow and pain being the mother of God. All her seven sorrows strengthen us to face the inevitable in our life when we believe and stand by the Lord. At times we may not go through so personally like our Mother Mary, yet we will have to encounter pain and loss in our lives whether we like or not. It would be indeed easy for us to handle when we hold on to God in times of sorrow, pain and loss. The seven sorrows of Mary reveal the deep love for Jesus. When we love truly, we embrace pain and suffering not as a burden but as the means to ease the pain of someone whom we love. Mother Mary demonstrated her strong love for Jesus by her silent yet committed support through her heart. Her love for Jesus shown in her communion of prayers that she offered so deeply and silently in her heart that is known to God alone. She handled the sorrows and pain with the power of prayer. She never complained to be the mother of God when she was given the prophecy of Simeon that the sword of pain and agony would pierce through her on account of her Son Jesus. Love does not run away from pain, sorrow and loss. The Responsorial Psalm intercedes, “Save me, O Lord, in your love.” (Ps.116). The Gospel presents us with Mary standing near Jesus who is at the Cross dying. She was there not to witness but to hold the pain of our Son Jesus by her loudest voices of our heart assuring that He was not alone in His passion. Mary received the Body of Jesus in the same arms in which She sang lullaby 33 years ago. The Angels came to sing for His birth, the shepherds flocked with their presence but when she received the motionless Body of the Lord, the creation stood still, the Angels and the Heaven went through a shock that felt in every part of the creation. When our Mother is near us we do not need to fear any pain, sorrow and loss. Like our Lord, let us face the cross and sufferings of life, with the powerful prayers of Mary, our Mother. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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