It is 17th September 2018. The readings are from 1 Corinthians 11:17-26, 33; and the Gospel from Luke 7:1-10. When the Eucharistic celebration has reduced to a social gathering, there is no more charity and love among the members who come to participate. Here in the first reading we have the earliest passage on the Eucharist and its effect on the community and personally. The manner in which we celebrate and the attitude we have towards this most exuberant celebration of our life must be of unity, sharing and to value the presence of Christ among us. It is indeed the one Sacrifice that makes us to be so intimate with God on a daily basis. The Eucharist is in itself the proclamation of His passion, death and resurrection. It is the memorial indeed. The Eucharist is the centre of our life and it offers the life we require to sustain ourselves spiritually. By allowing ourselves to hold the presence and person of Christ in the Eucharistic celebration, we begin embracing the presence of one another. The Eucharist is the Presence, the Sacrifice, the Thanksgiving, the Meal, the New Covenant, the Sacrament of all the Sacraments, the forgiving presence of Christ and the Truth to be lived in. We cannot feel the permanent presence of Christ in the most Holy Eucharist, unless we feel our unworthiness in our souls. Christ is looking for the souls that are prepared. Some of us receive Him in our sinful body without proper preparation, and when we allowed sin to dominate among us when we gather to encounter the Lord. The Eucharist is the Truth that proclaims of the passion, death and resurrection need to be celebrated and proclaimed by everyone who believes the Lord. The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “Proclaim the death of the Lord, until He comes.” (1 Cor.11:26). The Gospel points out that not everyone is healed by meeting the Lord. So many of us attend the Eucharistic celebration daily and we go home without changing a bit. Still we are divided, not forgiven, and remain uncharitable because we have not confessed our unworthiness to receive Christ in our wounded souls. None of us acquire faith by any merit rather it is a free gift of God for those who love Jesus with whole heart, soul, and body. May we approach the Eucharistic meal with charity and unity in our hearts than pride and selfishness. May you have a good day.

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