It is 22nd September 2018. The readings are from 1 Corinthians 15:35-37, 42-49; and the Gospel from Luke 8:4-15. Life is a gift from God to us. Life in us get transformed when we are in contact with the life-giving Word of God. Life within ourselves goes through a tremendous change by its natural death which is indeed necessary for the new life. We can never attain new life in Christ unless we die to sin. The new life that Jesus offers is eternal, incorruptible, glorious, and has a future glory. The laws of nature will modify and to go through a life changing process to reach this new life. It is not merely some changes in some parts rather it is a wholistic change that brings the new life with Christ. The old disappears and the new is born when allow the Word of God to moisture our lives. Our newness comes from Jesus, the Lord and Saviour. We will rise again in Him whom we have placed our trust. “The thing that is sown is contemptible but what is raised is glorious; the thing that is sown is weak but what is raised is powerful; when it is sown it embodies the soul, when it is raised it embodies the spirit.” (1 Cor.15:37). The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “I shall walk in the presence of God in the light of the living.” (Ps.55:14). The Gospel affirms that God is not tired of humanity in sowing the seed, the Word of God. Whether we have a fertile receptivity or futile mindset, or fussy feelings or fermented perceptions, God goes on sowing the Word of God. God has not changed but we have. Yes, very few of us are receptive and willing to accept the guaranteed life offered by the Word of God. The generous, cooperative and noble hearts experience the fertility to the fullest and all others hear it and not ready to respond to it. “As for the part in the rich soil, this is people with a noble, and generous heart who have heard the Word of God and take it to themselves and yield a harvest through their perseverance.” (Luke 8:15). It is our friendship with the Evil One, anxiety over the riches of the present life, insatiable physical hunger for pleasures of life that crushes the growth of the seed, the Word of God be fruitful in our lives. Our relationship with God is weakened by those elements of life, we become unwilling and irresponsive to the plan of God. We need to deepen our faith in Jesus so as to become docile to the Word of God. Let us strive for the best of harvest in our spiritual life. Let us not remain a mediocre rather exceptionally fruitful by living the Word of God even amidst those chocking factors of life. May you have a good day. May God bless you.

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