It is 11th October 2018. We celebrate the memorial of St. John XXIII, Pope. The readings are from Galatians 3:1-5; and the Gospel from Luke 11:5-13. None of us is above the law and no one can live without the law. It is the law that guides, regulates, provides, protects and condemns. Yet, it is faith that sets us free and forgiven in the Lord Jesus. When we begin to believe, we embrace the way of the Spirit and avoiding the pleasures and promises of the flesh. Our belief in Jesus, time and time again leads us to live a life repentance. It is the outpouring of the Spirit of God that allows us to be perfect and holy not a set of a law. We all need the Spirit of God to be sane and sanctified. None of us led by the Holy Spirit become fanatical rather radical day by day. When we live and give importance to the significance of the body over the influence of the spirit of God in our lives, we truly deviate and depart from God. We tend to forget easily the truth that is entrusted to us by faith as soon as we live a life of sin. Our carnal motivations and pleasure-seeking attitudes can make us move out of the offer of freedom that God gives in Jesus. We need to invest a quality time in our prayer life coupled with charity to keep us near Christ. Otherwise, what happened to the people of Galatia would surely happen to us. It is not by a human effort we are saved but by the faith we have in Jesus. Faith has to be nourished by personal prayer that is persistent and regular. Our prayer life must never become routine and mandatory. The intercessory prayers must be spontaneous and voluntary. The responsorial Psalm praises, “Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel! He has visited his people.” (Lk.1:68). The Gospel teaches us to ask God all that we want and willing to wait in prayer. God’s timing is perfect and is always good for us. God is more than willing to offer the power of the Holy Spirit to all those who believe in His Only Beloved Son Jesus. Perseverance, patience and penitence are the keys to open the heart of God in our humble communication with God. We can never find God and to appreciate the ways and plans of God without the help of the Holy Spirit. Let us not just remain asking for transient and least important things of life rather we shall learn to ask for the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives to live that pleases God always. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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