It is 12th October 2018. The readings are from Galatians 3:7-14; and the Gospel from Luke 11:15-26. Whose side are we standing with regard to the faith? God offers faith to all those who love and believe in Jesus. Taking a stand and living the values of the Gospel is the constant invitation from the Word of God. The obedience is taught in the school of faith. Faith of Abraham moved God to lead him to enjoy the blessings on earth. God and the voice of God is the guiding principles of Abraham’s moral consciousness and spiritual integrity. St. Paul urges us to believe that we all will be blessed as a believer when we grow in our faith in God. Abraham himself was saved by his faith in God and the promises God offered him. Faith preceded the utterances of Law. It was through the faith of Abraham; even other people were blessed. No one need to become Jews in order to be Christians. The law has the power to condemn the conscience not to heal and save it. We cannot but to obey the Law to be at peace with one another. To be reconciled with God to be free from our guilt and shame, one needs faith in Jesus. The law had no power to redeem people from their sinful ways. It is through Christ death and resurrection we are all enjoying the saving graces of God. We are all inclined to fall back to the same old sins. Some of us sin casually and frequently and even get into the typical cyclic pattern of sinning not because we have no power to obey the law but because we are not strengthening our faith commitment to Christ and God. The responsorial Psalm praises, “The Lord keeps his covenant ever in mind.” (Ps.110:5). The Gospel teaches us that how Satan divides and destroys God’s dwelling place, the human heart every day. Satan is the enemy of the human soul and the destructor of the unity of the Church. We are all invaded by the attractive and pleasurable promises of the Evil one daily. When our faith is weakened by the comparison we make with the evil life of the others, we begin to give in to a wilful negligence of our consciences. The devil destroys our faith in God by its evil traps, disguise, deceptions and lies. We are mostly divided because of the presence of the evil in our hearts, in our communities and in the Church at large. We will not survive as a church when we are divided against one another. Unless and until we learn to obey God in the Church, we will be working with Satan and taking a clear stand with the evil that has only power to divide and rule. Let us recognise the evil that disguises in the form of angel of light and deal with it with our unwavering faith in Christ Jesus. May you have day full of blessings. May God bless you.

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