It is 7th December 2018. It is the first Friday of the month dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. We too celebrate the memorial of St Ambrose, Bishop & Doctor of the Church. The readings are from Isaiah 29:17-24; and the Gospel of Matthew 9:27-31. God is rolling out a dream for the people who are broken and lost everything. Just like the people of Israel who heard this prophecy from the prophet Isaiah, some of us hear it as we have lost everything. This message was indeed the idealistic vision of messianic rule in which God’s people will be given joy, understanding, justice, and peace from God. The gossipers, the mockers and the people with the evil eye will be removed from the land where God’s people would live. The blind will see, the deaf will hear the Word of the Lord, fertility will be found in everyone and in everything. God wishes us recue us whatever the condition we are in today. Let us hope in the Lord one more time. This is the new dispensation and a new order under the rule of Christ, the Messiah. A rule every human heart longs to experience. “Once more the Humble will rejoice in the Lord; the needy will rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.” (Is.29:19). The Advent is the most pricesless time of our souls in which God comes down to free us, heal us, redeem us from all types of sins, slavery and addiction. It is indeed the time to let go of the past and let God in our lives. It is the time to embrace our fallen spouses and forgive them and to accept and encourage our struggling children who have been mislead by the shadows of evil. It is the time to see something new in us and in others who have done harm to us. There is no more room for violence or hatred in any human heart. This indeed a new perception, a new vision and new approach that the Lord wants for all of us who hope in something God could do for us. God has decided to revamp the chaos and confusion into peace and harmony and blessings. “No longer shall Jacob be ashamed, no more shall his face grow pale, for he shall see what my hands have done in his midst he shall hold my name holy.” (Is.29:22). God wants to revolutionize the jungle within each one us into a fruitful orchard. God wants to change the social, political and economical order. The arrogant, the ruthless, the mighty, the proud will attune to the healing Words of God. God would heal them all and they would acknowledge the mighty name of God and eventually they will obey God. The responsorial Psalm praises, “The Lord is my light and my help.” (Ps.26:1). In the Gospel, Jesus heals the two persons with the blindness. When we recognise Jesus as the Messiah, we begin a new journey of faith in seeing Him as the Son of God. Jesus has the ability and the power to give sight to the blind as we heard in the first reading. This new vision is possible to all those who have faith in Jesus. God is waiting to see how much sincere in our faith commitments. God tests our patience by waiting to see whether we are willing to confess our faith in God. If we believe God can help, we must learn to have faith. Without faith in God, there is no way we can forgive and let go the past hurts and pains. We all deserve the new vision and perception God wills through God’s only Son Jesus. “According to your faith will it be done to you.” (Mt.9:29). May we hope in the Lord again and be healed of all kind of deafness and blindness. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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