It is 6th December 2018. The readings are from Isaiah 26:1-6; and the Gospel from Matthew 7:21, 24-27. With faith we have the right to enter the city of God, the abode of the Almighty. Peace comes to us when we have placed our hope in God. The things in us and around us could go through a change which we cannot believe that is happening, and yet we cannot stop it because of the influx of peace that we enjoy by our faith in God. We no longer need to worry about those in high places and swimming in the riches of the world. God offers to all of us perfect peace because of our trust in God. The first reading is a psalm of trust, praise and contemplation of God’s mercy to the poor and the needy. It is the victorious song of joy against the nations that do not believe in God and placed its trusts in human power. But our hope is in the mighty name of the Lord. God reveals the glorious future filled with blessings for all of us on account of our faith. God has prepared a city of joy, peace and happiness for all those who placed their trust in God. God has knocked down those that are opposing peace and justice for the trusting people to enter. God’s love is unchanging offers hope to all of us even though there is so much of turmoil and chaos in and around us. We cannot change the unclean and peace less situation in a speed we want. As long as our thoughts and trust is on the Lord, we are guaranteed of peace and blessings. Human power like the sand in front of the everlasting Rock. The sand will be blown and scattered by the power of the wind, while the Rock stands for ever. “Trust in the Lord for ever, for the Lord is the everlasting Rock.” (Is. 26:4). Victory is ours when the Messiah appears. God will defend the kingdom of the poor, the humble and the oppressed. God has vowed to build this city over all human power that will be trampled upon by the poor and the needy. The responsorial Psalm praises, “Blessed in the name of the Lord is One who comes.” (Ps.117:26). The Gospel firm teaches us that our walking and believing must be stronger the words. Our actions need to be noticed in individual level. Our faith in Christ must be demonstrated in such a way that could be seen. All those who talk about Heaven and Christ are not necessarily a believer. Storms of life will test the strength and quality of the foundation. Life is all about where have we placed our homes. Is it on the sand, the human power or on the Rock, the everlasting heritage? Let us not just remain a talking Christian rather a living Christian with purpose, value and visions of the kingdom of Christ. Obedience to Christ and the Church is the foundation of our faith. How much have we put into practice after hearing the Word of God? Consequences of ignoring the message of Christ is the thoughtlessness in which many of us are building our homes. The blessings and gifts of Christ surrounds those who placed their trust and apply it in the daily challenges of our lives. May the Lord help us to place all our trust in God always. May God bless you and have a good day.

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