It is 22nd January 2019. The readings are from Hebrews 6:10-20; and the Gospel from Mark 2:23-28. Where there is love, there is no barrier to believe and serve. It is our love for the Lord that offers the energy to serve and to be strengthen in our faith commitments. God never forget our faithfulness to God. Jesus is our anchor and firm hope to relate with God. The first reading highlights the faithfulness of Abraham and God’s recognition and reward for the love he showed to God. We love God or making effort to love God. Our love for the Lord must be seen the way we express our charity. Our hope in God cannot happen when we have conveniently and selfishly forgotten to be charitable. It is time to look at the way we are charitable to one another. When we have worked on our issues and challenges of charity, our faith will fall in place that invigorates our faith in the Lord. It is not only what we treasure so intimately most vital for our survival, rather it is what we express selflessly to one another that brings the needed joy, happiness and contentment. Jesus has removed all the barriers against charity, love and relationship with God. “We have this hope, a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters the inner shrine behind the curtain, where Jesus, a forerunner on our behalf, has entered, having become a high priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek.” (Heb. 6:20). The responsorial Psalm praises, “The Lord keeps his covenant ever in mind.” (Ps.100:5). God never forget our charity and keeps a record of all that we do and eventually repays and rewards them. The Gospel instils hope for the entire humanity telling that God cares for humanity over man made laws and cultural demands. God is surely looking for someone to reward so highly today for charity. Are you the one whose life is founded and revolves in and around charity? God is indeed looking for that person who values the other human beings as the image and likeness of God over anything that is created and manufactured by the world. The Sabbath is just not only to remember God but also to relate and reimburse the gifts with the other person. Let us not just satisfy ourselves by attending the Eucharistic celebrations rather to translate the sacrifice of love through the actions of charity. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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