It is 23rd January 2019. The readings are from Hebrews 7:1-3, 15-17; and the Gospel from Mark 3:1-6. A spiritually navigated life is always prepared to do good even when everyone has a reason to rest and relax. More we closer to God, more we resemble being good. Doing good is not a spark but it is a flame wishes to spread within and around. We must go beyond the laws and rules of the society and institutions in doing good. There can be no law that could justify our lack of response to the needs and cry of the poor and the sick. At the final analysis, we will be asked what good have done to the humanity that we encountered. Even a Sabbath, a day that is exclusively for rest and rejuvenation needs to be utilised for doing good in times of need. The first reading imparts a deep theological connection with regard to the priesthood of Jesus. As Melchizedek who remains as a priest for ever echoing the voices of peace from God, so Jesus is the priest for ever “Through the power of an indestructible life.” (Heb.7:17). The power of our souls emerges when we are willing to do good beyond any recognition and appreciation. The inner power to do good gushes out of everyone of us when we spark the love of God within us, as the springs of hope, peace and happiness that drenches the disconnected, the broken, the sick, and the marginalised. The responsorial Psalm praises, “You are a priest for ever, a priest like Melchizedek of old.” (Ps.109:4). The world is not going to be silent when we do good. It will surely find fault and rationalize in favour of its arguments. Even if we lose a logical argument, let us safeguard the dignity and provide means for those who are in need of our help. No one has the power to block and build a wall of hatred and selfishness unless we build it for ourselves. We need to go ahead to do good no matter who appreciates. It is good to recognise the hand of God in everything we do and say. We do not deserve a rest when people are becoming restless, hopeless, penniless, and powerless. Someone is surely going provoke, prevent us and block us for having done the good we have done. But let us be assured that God is so impressed by every little act of kindness we show to the suffering humanity. Someone is not happy at all for being the person God wants us to be. Christ offers an example of going ahead doing good even when the law and the lawmakers expected Him to be passive and indifferent towards the man with withered hand. Let nothing stop us doing good for the One whom we placed all our trust and hope in. May you have a good not being tired of doing good. May God bless you.

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