It is 12th February 2019. The readings are from Genesis 1:20-2:4; and the Gospel from Mark 7:1-13. It is hard to modify and recreate something anew when someone has already accomplished something. It is so easy to point fingers and criticize what others have already accomplished. We are all potentially creators equal to God. God wants us to complement the creation but not condemn it and corrupt it. God desires that we are to be co-creators with God not to compete with God but co-create. The factors and elements of creation is so unique in each one of us. We do not need to copy someone. We do not need to take it personally when others try to pull our hopes and dreams when we wish to create something anew. Even if no one accepts our creation, yet it is something unique and personal contribution to the humanity. The first reading teaches us that God completes the creation work by creating human being as the crown of all creation entrusted them with a mission of making everything fertile. God gave dominion over all creation not domination and the power to destroy. The work that is entrusted to us by God is so enormous and environmentally fruitful. God wants us to be responsible stewards of God’s creation. We as the image of God must not end up annihilating the likeness of God in the creation. The responsorial Psalm praises, “How great is your name, O Lord our God, through all the earth.” (Ps.8:2). The Gospel reveals the need for updating rather than mere upholding. The Word of God cannot be compromised with a set traditions and rules. We are all expected to be morally clean in order to live a social life worthy of purity and holiness of our entire being. We need to recognise those elements that make the Word of God go null and void in our life and try by all means to uphold the Word of God to be the co-creators of God. May we make efforts to have appropriate and fruitful correspondence between our souls and bodies to have sync that does not ignore God and ignite evil. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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