It is 18th February 2019. The readings are from Genesis 4:1-5, 25; and the Gospel from Mark 8:11-13. A responsible and caring love chases all kinds of jealousy and unnecessary anger in us. We all have the power and potentialities to do the best for the other when see them as an extension our existence not as the extinction of the survival. Our instinct to live must not chock the freedom to breathe the way others want. We all have the instinct to extinct the other when the other poses the challenge of better than ourselves. Either we assassinate the character by our words or we get rid of them by our actions when we are boiling in anger and burning in jealousy. The first reading reminds us through the story of Cain and Abel that we need to have a responsible love rather to have irresponsible indifferences towards the other person. We are all one human family no matter which corner we come from. We are all bound by love as one human global community. It is so sad that there are plenty of Cain among us who murder the neighbours for sheer hunger for self-preservation, lust for power, greed, envy, out of insecurity, and hostility against God. The responsorial Psalm teaches us “Pay your sacrifice of thanksgiving to God.” (Ps.49:14). The Gospel encourages us to worship God through ordinary means. To believe in Jesus, we just need a humble and obedient heart. Our faith must not depend only on the signs and extraordinary display of God’s interventions. We need to put our trust in Jesus because He is the only sign and signature of God, the only Begotten Son of God. We will not be able to care for the other when we do not care for our souls and to have intimate relationship with Jesus. More resentful and upset we are about the others and the way they are, there is a high possibility of more distancing and downcast in front of God. We are reminded today to keep watching over ourselves and never allow ourselves to be anger, jealousy, resentment and envy because nothing can be hidden from God and eventually God would enquire about the well-being of our neighbours as God cares for us. May we stop comparing ourselves with other and begin complementing and consistently working on the way we do things. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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