It is 20th February 2019. The readings are from Genesis 8:6-13, 20-22; and the Gospel from Mark 8:22-26. Patience pleases God while impatience impeaches God. Impatience blinds the vision of God in our life gradually. How patient are we in times of difficulties? God knows us that our hearts are so spontaneously leaning on the evil than good, yet God forgives us and offers umpteen times to come closer to God. God can destroy us for the evil we commit time and time again against God. Yet God does not do that. On the contrary, God shows a special love and care through God’s correctional measures to bring us back to love God again. God wants a fresh start always after a disastrous sinful flood that destroyed the connection our souls with God. The first reading highlights the patience of Noah and his sacrifice of thanksgiving after the flood receded. The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “A thanksgiving sacrifice I make to you, O Lord.” (Ps.115:17). The Gospel teaches us that curing needs prayerful patience with Jesus. Healing is a gradual process initiated by God with the faithful cooperation of the believer. It is only by the touch of Jesus, we can see clearly. Our blindness and selective amnesia in relating with the sinful condition needs the unique touch of Jesus. Faith requires time and it is offered to us as a gift from God. We who were touched by the Church during the Sacrament of Baptism to hear and to proclaim the Word God cannot continue to remain blind to the needs of the others. Healing nearly becomes impossible for the ones who are impatient with God. To be healed completely, one needs to go through a painful, patient and personal process of healing as that of a person in the Gospel today. We need to embrace the understanding of faith in life in stages. May the Lord help us to be patient in order to be healed totally. May you have a good day.

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