It is 26th February 2019. The readings are from Sirach 2:1-11; and the Gospel from Mark 9:30-37. Life is not a painful time altogether and always but if someone is not prepared to be tested by life there is no life indeed. Life is a gift for those who are willing to unwrap, unfold, disclose, organise, adjust the entire being to experience the sweetness of life itself. We are called to have a radical change. What is tested in us is our honesty, sincerity with which only we can honour God and serve humanity. We are tested to the extend that we can still believe and embrace in truth when the evil people are so abundantly blessed and enjoying life while the good people go on suffering and suppressed by the systems. The testing is done in us how much could we contain pain and suffering without exploding. The first reading teaches us to allow ourselves to be tested by the Lord if we would like to serve God. Through the process of testing, God wishes to know whether we are still going to cling to God in a hopeless situation, to follow the Lord in a pathless environment, to hold on to God in innumerable options of affection around us. If we hope and trust in the Lord, no matter the pressure and pain of testing be, we can still emerge victoriously as a new person. The responsorial Psalm intercedes, “Commit your life to the Lord, trust him and He will act.” (Ps.36:5). The Gospel admonishes to be matured and committed than childish and proud when we wish to follow Jesus. The child and the mustard seed are not the symbols of weakness but it has the potential greatness. Being the last in front of the eyes of the humanity offers us to be the first in the perception of God. Our genuineness comes out in our genuflection before God and standing for the poor. When we have become immature and childish, we debate about the power sharing. But when we have reached the maturity in Christ, we share our power and potentialities for the welfare of the other. It is so painful to watch the elders behave childish and fighting for the positions and places of honour. Unless we become servants, we cannot lead. Our faith and service towards the humanity is the commitment and maturity we have towards Christ. Let us not be childish in serving the Lord rather let us allow the Lord to test us in the scale of service by the weight of humility against pride. May the Lord help us to serve God at all times without counting the cost. May you have a good day.

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