It is 3rd April 2019. The readings are from Isaiah 49:8-15; and the Gospel from John 5:17-30. Even if we have many reasons to forget God, God has every reason to remember us. Love is fruitful and meaningful when it is reciprocative and complementing. In the first reading, God assures God’s love for us beyond the ultimate human love of a mother. The recipes of mother’s love could change by time and occasion, but not the quality of God’s love. The tune and the rhythm of God’s love is consistently constant to all God’s people. God’s love is not intruding but inspiringly inviolate in its embrace. A mother cannot forget a child. God cannot forget and forsake us as we are God’s children. In some occasions, there may be a flaw in the love a mother. Even if there is a flaw or black spot in a spotless love of a mother, God’s love is so immaculate and everlasting. There is no mask in God’s love and love is the alpha and omega of God’s way of dealing with us. God’s love is assured to all of us not for what we have done and refused to do but because we are children of a loving God. The most significant person in our life might forget us for a reason beyond our comprehension yet God never fail to love us because we are the most significant person for God has ever created. In the fourth week, as we reflect the most assuring love of God, we need to acknowledge this profound love of God even though we have been a complainer, gossiper and destroyer of God’s love that is put in us by our personal sins. Freedom, liberation and graces come from God because of God’s love for us is unchanging and unaffected by our sins and selfish choices. God’s love cannot be corrupted and get rusted by the erosion and the acidity of sins in our life. “For the Lord consoles God’s people and takes pity on those who are afflicted.” (Is.49:13). There is no hunger or thirst for the soul that is nourished by God’s love. There is enough proof of God’s love displayed wherever we turn. We just need love and gratitude in our heart to notice it. Even sin cannot dry the well-spring of God’s love in our lives. God’s love is not in the paradise of Heaven but in the human hearts that moistures in mercy and charity. The responsorial Psalm praises, “The Lord is kind and full of compassion.” (Ps.144:8). The Gospel assures the love of the Father in Heaven. God is tender and compassionate as Jesus was. God’s love is displayed in the sacrifices of Jesus on earth especially on the unfailing sacrifice on the cross. God’s love for us is everlasting as God’s works are ceaseless. God has not holiday for restoring, sustain and giving life to us. Love never rests and relaxes in loving, caring, sharing and in self-giving. Love is so beautiful when it loves to the full. God is meaningful and life-giving when God reveals and loves us through Jesus. The relationship between the Father and the Son is the proof of love that happens to us in greater works of God. Our faith in Jesus is the expression of our love to God that would guard us from the judgement of God. May we not become tired of loving as God has not stopped loving us. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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