It is 4th April 2019. We celebrate the memorial of St. Isidore, a bishop and doctor of the church. A scholarly saint renowned for his love for the poor, the empowerment through education and the erudition in his writing skills. The readings are from Exodus 32:7-14; and the Gospel from John 5:31-47. Lent is a time to remember our sins and to be sorry about it but much more than that to be gratefully remembering the moments of God’s grace and blessings that has brought us this far. Mistrust, disbelief and scepticism creep in human life when we are exhausted and become ungrateful what God and others have done to us to be where we are today. Most of us easily forget what God has done to us in our life. We remember what God has not done so far in our life. we tend to think that God forgets us when we go through a challenging situation in our life. it is not true at all. God is allowing us to have an experience of grace through a painful process of a change otherwise we would not be able to experience the presence of God in our life. We create our mind gods and idols of beauty, pleasure, success and happiness time and time again when we have forgotten what God has done to us. The first reading is the abundant display of God’s mercy to those who have abandoned God and created their own petty god in the form of a calf. Without sufficient prayer, we cannot pacify and experience of God. God can destroy us too when we deviate and dedicate our lives with the altars of secret worship. Our personal change is the one that cools down the heat of God’s anger. We all have a secret idol in our spiritual closet. The responsorial Psalm intercedes, “O Lord, remember me out of the love you have for your people.” (Ps.105:4). The Gospel teaches us that Jesus does not require our testimony to be God’s Only Son. When we rely too much on the human resources than God’s blessings, we find it hard to continue believing in God. We must not undermine the power and intervention of God when we are infused with the help of people around us. Unless we embrace the truth, we might continue worshiping a false god created by the human sources. We need to unpack the truth by digesting the pages of the Word made flesh. Knowing, loving, and believing Jesus, the Son of God and the Word of the Father we fill our hearts and lives with truth and spirit. May God help us recognise those false petty gods that not allowing us to believe in Jesus. Only the light of Christ can dispel all disbelief and distrust in God. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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