It is 11th April 2019. We celebrate the memorial of Saint Stanislaus, bishop and martyr. A bold saint who challenged the king of Poland when he lived an immoral life. When he failed to accept the counsel of the saint, he excommunicated him from the church. To take revenge, the king murdered the saintly bishop at the altar while celebrating Holy Mass. May we imbibe the spirit of courage and the love for the poor from St. Stanislaus to say the truth even if those who hold the higher office contradicts and lives against the truth. The readings are from Genesis 17:3-9; and the Gospel from John 8:51-59. God takes initiatives through the covenantal promises in establishing and ensuring our welfare. When we honour the promise with God, we remain blessed. Whenever we have failed to appreciate and abandon the promises of God made with us, we are either denied or delayed in obtaining the blessings we ask for in our prayers. We reflect in the first reading that God demanded faithfulness from Abraham in following the covenant. God does not go back in the promises made no matter whether we obey or not. The covenant God made with Abraham is still intact and strengthened by the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. The contract between God and us demand our obedience and faithfulness to it. Lent is not merely a time to be sorry for our sins but to be thankful to such a loving God who cares for us through the promises God fulfilled in Jesus. Our faith in God and faithfulness to the Word of God alone offers the happiness and blessings we seek for in our life. All other things seemingly making us happy yet not lasting ones. Our blessings, protection and prosperity are hidden between our faith in and faithfulness in to God. The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “The Lord remembers Lord’s covenant for ever.” The Gospel describes about the resistance of people who found it hard to accept Jesus as God. Every promise and covenant are fulfilled in Jesus. Obedience to the Word of God is our acknowledgement and adherence to the covenant God made with Abraham fulfil through Jesus. Those who obey and honour the Word of God will beyond physical death and have the privilege to live with God. As God wanted God’s people be blessed through Abraham, so God saves God’s people through Jesus, the Only Son of God through His Passion, death and resurrection. May we truly attempt everyday to obey and follow the Word of God in our lives. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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