It is 19th November 2019. The readings are from 2 Maccabees 6:18-31; and the Gospel from Luke 19:1-10. The chronological age cannot hinder us to be the witnesses for God and the commandments of God. Giving-in is cowardice in spiritual life. Fighting back even at the cost of losing one’s life is the spiritual strength that truly offers hope and courage for the ones who witness such uncompromising life in glory. The first reading presents us with the courageous witness from the martyrdom of Eleazar. Though elderly he was yet he displayed an impeccable example of his faith in God and in God’s law when he was threatened with death. The unorganised life does not have the stamina for celebrating, promoting and proposing something tangible. Without passionate faith and compassionate heart, we cannot edify and motivate others. Actions that flow from faith never betray and sell us out to the most attractive and flowery vocabularies that stimulate our minds not the spirit. Do our actions and words scandalize anyone around in our communities? Respect whether is of the self or from the others are hard earned not vested by someone. Eleazar captured it by faith and faithfulness to what he treasured it in his soul. The responsorial Psalm praises, “The Lord upholds me.” (Ps.3:6). The Gospel presents us with the encounter of Zacchaeus with Jesus. Though people rejected him, and disrespected him on account of his profession, Jesus chose to stay with him. when we have climbed spiritually high to restitute and change, Jesus notices us and accepts us to become a free person totally restored. Let us not continue to hide our lives with the blanket of sins and the clouds of darkness rather to expose our vulnerability and brokenness to Jesus who is willing to accept our sacrifices. Let us not rush to judgements when we people wish to express their desire to be converted. We must give chance to others as we ourselves would like to have it to experience and encounter Jesus in a profound and life-changing manner. However short and small we are in our spiritual life, yet we have the courage to climb on the tree of hope to capture the vision of Jesus. May I request your prayers and blessings on this day as I celebrate my birthday to have good health and generosity of heart to serve God and the Church till my last breath. May the Lord be praised in all we do and bring us and others closer to Jesus. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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