Wisdom is vindicated by her children

May the Lord give you peace in the Holy Spirit. It is on 20th September 2023.  We celebrate

May the Lord give you peace in the Holy Spirit.

It is on 20th September 2023.  We celebrate the memorial of St Andrew Kim Priest & Martyr, St Paul Martyr & Companions.  We reflect on 1 Timothy 3:14-16; and the Gospel from Luke 7:31-35.

Truth stands alone on all the tests.  No substitute for truth.  Without believing in God, we cannot embrace the truth.  The Wisdom of the Father is the Truth.  The relevance of truth is in the revelation of it.  Truth and love complement each other.  Even if no one dances, the tune of truth is played by God always.  “Wisdom is vindicated by all her children.”

The behaviour of a person is very important for the proclamation of the truth.  If our behaviour is compromising the evil around us, then what we believe is already compromised.  If our behaviour has become indifferent, then our faith is divisive and scrupulous.  If our behaviour is contradictory, we are settled with what is convenient and easy.  If our behaviour ignores the truth and tolerates the lies around us, then we have become immune to injustice and atrocities of the powerful and influential people around us.

St. Paul reminds St. Timothy that our religion’s greatness lies deep in the mystery we believe.  Our faith will be complete when we meet our Redeemer face to face.  Our new life in Christ needs to be seen in our new behaviour pattern comprised of love, compassion, mercy, peace, justice, truth, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Anything contrary to what we believe will lead us into perpetual darkness and a life of lies.

“I wanted you to know how people ought to behave in God’s family – that is, in the Church of the living God, which upholds the truth and keeps it safe.” (1 Tim.: 3:14).

The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “Great are the works of the Lord.”  (Ps. 32:12).

Jesus encourages us all to be good even when we are going to be criticized for what we are doing.  It is better to be good and do good than to join the evil gossipers who have nothing but to criticize others, whether traditional or modern.

It is the intention and the faith that surrounds matter in the person performing the good. People can be prejudiced about all that one does to the other and scrutinize the motives behind it.  Lighting as many candles as possible within our lifetime is better than picking on people and places of darkness and spending all our resources and energy discussing them.

May God grant us the courage to behave the way we believe.  May you have a good day.

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