Only through grace, we can go on hope and trust in God

May the Lord grant you grace and peace in the Risen Lord. Are breaking of the Bread or

May the Lord grant you grace and peace in the Risen Lord.

Are breaking of the Bread or the Breed?

It is 23rd April 2023.  We are celebrating the Third Sunday of Easter.  The readings are from Acts 2:14, 22-33; the second reading is from 1Peter 1:17-21; and the Gospel from Luke 24:13-35.

When there is a shortage of hope, we no longer can hop in our life.  Hope is a deep desire and unquenchable longing for something to happen.  When we think everything is over, there is a silver line still glittering amidst the dark thick cloud.  Hopeless people convince us that there is no hope while hopeful people in their deep silence holding on to the last string to connect with the rest.

Nothing is impossible for the one who hopes.  Nothing in this world can give hope except a loving, caring and healing human heart.  Even if the heart is losing hope, the Scripture, the Sacraments and the Church can still instil and inject hope.  Hope is only connection to see the resurrection of Jesus with the spectacles of clarity and purity.  Hope cannot put us in shame or disappoint us (Rom.5:5).  Hope is not the final heart beat but it is the rhythm of the soul.

If we cannot trust God and the risen Lord anymore, it will be impossible to trust even ourselves and our inner voices.  It is not true to those who believe in higher power that still has the final word and for those who still breathing the fresh air of hope, trust, a fresh outlook amidst this patient endurance that things will return to normal and be better than ever before.  It is not worth losing hope even there is no way we can hope for.  Let us learn to “seize the hope set before us” (Heb 6:18).

Only through grace, we can go on hope and trust in God.  (2 Th 2:16).  Our faith and love (Col 1:4-5), comfort (2 Cor 3:12), joy (Rom 12:12) and courage comes through hope.  Only through life and light of Christ we can look forward and strengthen us and other in hope.

Three readings of the day suggest three stages of our life journey as journey in hope, journey through hope and journey with hope Himself.  Fear and sadness always close the vision of hope. It is in the breaking moments of life we become hopeful as when we break the Word of God and the Bread of life.  Sickness, death, loss, pain, guilt, shame can have a serious blow in our life and leave a remarkable crack but never can tear apart our hope.  We are still searching for hope within Aps and Applications.  There is unshakable hope in the Alpha and the Omega.

The first reading inspires us that only a hopeful person can be the witness of the resurrection.  “He was not abandoned to Hades, nor did his flesh experience corruption.’ This Jesus God raised up, and of that all of us are witnesses.  (Acts.2:31,32).” It is the journey in hope.

The second reading instils, “Through him you have come to trust in God, who raised him from the dead and gave him glory, so that your faith and hope.”  (1 Pet.1:21).  This is the journey through hope.

The responsorial Psalm praises, “Lord, you will show us the path of life.” (Ps.15:11).

The Gospel urges us to have our life journey with hope, Jesus himself.  He is our hope and healing.  Experiencing hope is possible in companionship with Jesus.  Let us always remember and be assured that Jesus is walking with us, sharing His Word and leading us closer to the ever-hopeful reality is God.  Only by walking with Jesus, we become the witnesses of Him. “Stay with us, because it is almost evening and the day is now nearly over.” (Lk.24:29). It matters who do we journey with always to reach the hope filled destination.  With Jesus, hope is always possible indeed.  May you have a good day.  May God fill us all with hope.

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