One who sings prays twice

May the Lord give you grace, peace and health in the Holy Spirit.  It is on 22nd November

May the Lord give you grace, peace and health in the Holy Spirit.  It is on 22nd November 2022.  We celebrate the memorial of St Cecilia, an early martyr.  Patron of Music and musicians.  St. Augustine beautifully puts it, “One who sings prays twice.”  If our life is not having a melody that melts the heart of God, what music by an instrument could do?  When our life becomes music, God becomes the song and notation that vibrates all through our living and connecting.  Life is a symphony of symposiums with God and neighbour.  Let not our lives become a cacophony of division, and destruction in any way.

We reflect on Revelation 14:14-19 and Luke 21:5-11.

Are we deceived or in despair?

Deception is the reception of fear.

The second coming of Christ is unavoidable and unescapable.  Everyone will have to encounter Him whether we like it or not.  It will be day of reward or reprisal.  Jesus will be seated in the throne of judgement not in seat of mercy.  Judgement is real and going to be a reality and so let us be realistic.  The signs of the end might differ but not the end of all creation.  The Psalm affirms, “The Lord comes to judge the earth.” (Ps.96:13).

Cheaters will be there where there are people to be deceived and taken for a ride.  Some are after the gospel of prosperity and some others are after the prophets of doom.  We believe that superabundance is the way of believing without being in touch with reality.  And Jesus said, “Beware that you are not led astray; for many will come in my name and say, ‘I am he!’ and, ‘The time is near!’ Do not go after them.” (Lk.21:8).

The Lord reprimands us not to go after people who promise and promote easy-go-lucky life.  No one cares and protects us like the Lord.

The world will come to an end one day for sure.  But what we need to focus on is the world within us that alienates God and one another.  The more we expect, the more we will be disappointed, dissipated, distracted, and deceived.  Let us not continue to live a life of despair but start living a life of hope, and blessings.  As a believer, we all must try not to take advantage of anyone in the world by promising something and living exactly the opposite.  May the Lord helps believe not to be deceived.  God bless you.

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