No human love can match God’s love.

Good morning good people, May the Lord give you peace, joy, and happiness in the Holy Spirit. It

Good morning good people,

May the Lord give you peace, joy, and happiness in the Holy Spirit.

It is 08th July 2024.  We reflect on Hosea 2:16-18, 21-22 and Matthew 9:18-26.

Are we desperate for God or devoted to God?

The exquisite bravery of humanity is moving towards the wounded with the bindings of love.  Without love we cannot navigate healing.  From cradle to grave, love is the healing agent.

His Holiness Pope Francis taught us in one of his angeluses (Sunday, 30 June 2024) God does not keep us at a distance.  God is not ashamed of us; God does not judge us.  On the contrary, God draws near to let Himself be touched and to touch us.”  So, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” With faith in Jesus, anything is possible.

The undoubtable yes is illustrated by the prophet Hosea in a new way of seeing, relating, and reconnecting with God after a fall and failure to be faithful.  The prophet resonates his inner struggle in his own family life and his willingness to forgive the unfaithful wife mirroring God’s love.  Unconditional, nonjudgmental, and ever-grateful spousal love have the potency to reach the pinnacle of love.

No human love can match God’s love.

In the Gospel, Jesus extends His love and healing through the display of deep compassion to those who are ostracized by the community and the believers.  The request of the synagogue official and the woman’s approach are different; one appears openly and another secretly.  Jesus reaches out to both generously giving more than they pleaded for.  When we are faithful and loyal to His relationship, we can feel the profound touch of Jesus so personally and intimately no matter what gender we are, the status in the community, and all that we treasure.  Sickness, death, struggles of daily life are like desert experiences through which God enters in us to touch and establish what was lost in us.  God speaks to us through His Son Jesus wherever we are and whatever the situation we face.  How are we responding to such deep and compassionate love of Jesus?  May you have a good day.  God bless you.

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