In every scratches of life emerges the sketches of God

  It is 25th July 2020.  We celebrate the Feast of St James the Apostle. The readings are


It is 25th July 2020.  We celebrate the Feast of St James the Apostle.

The readings are from 2 Corinthians 4:7-15; and the Gospel from Matthew 20:20-28.

In every scratches of life emerges the sketches of God.

We plan our life, but God designs it.

God holds the valuable treasures of life, love and living in our vulnerable vases.

God constantly brings out the best from us in ways beyond our comprehension.

Will to live, love and witness supersedes the will to die.

Possibilities to live could be intimidated and intruded time and time again.

Jesus radiates the will to live while the world offers the possibilities to live.

When our focus is on the will to live and love, then our struggles, suffering, perils, and perplexities are peeled off constantly the rusted layers of doubts, and anxiety.

“We are sore pressed at every point, but not hemmed in; we are at our wit’s end, but never at our hope’s end; we are persecuted by people, but never abandoned by God; we are knocked down, but not knocked out.” (2 Cor. 4:8)

God has entrusted the most valuable treasure with us who are vulnerable, poor, and broken.

Whatever we are going through and facing at this moment in our life, there is something so good will emerge out at the end. We are repeatedly exposed not expelled.

St. Paul shares his personal struggles and successful completion of the ministry in the first reading.  The ministry God has entrusted to us even though we are minimally skilled.  God relies on our response in holding on for God on earth through acts of love and mercy.  Every experience leaves the impact and impression of Christ’s suffering in our struggles.

The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “Those who sow in tears shall reap rejoicing.” (Ps.

Gospel reminds us that it is not matter of honour makes us to have a place before God rather honesty and humility earns it.  We too are privileged to know, believe, and love Jesus and so we need to be prepared to suffer not to suffocate, to surrender and sacrifice not to dominate.  We are called to be instruments of light and truth holding and guarding with our lives.

As we celebrate the feast of the privileged and favoured apostle of the Lord who witnessed the Transfiguration, raising the daughter of Jairus to life and the Agony in the Garden, may we imbibe his spirit and thirst for evangelisation with enthusiasm. May you have a good day.  God bless you.

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