Blessings are to be celebrated and shared with others

May the Lord give you peace in the Holy Spirit.  It is on 09th June 2023. Celebrating the

May the Lord give you peace in the Holy Spirit.  It is on 09th June 2023.

Celebrating the mercies of God in our lives.

We reflect on Tobit 11:5-17 and the Gospel from Mark 12:35-37.

The most powerful teaching of the book of Tobit is to show how God is consistently good.  When we begin to experience and believe through an event or a life-changing experience that God is so good always, we begin to pray, proclaim, and celebrate our lives in gratitude.

In the first reading, we encounter Anna and Tobit, who experienced the absolute joy of seeing their son again with all the blessings he brought back into their lives including bringing Sarah into their family.

When God begins to bless, the blessings flow like a river in our life.  We cannot contain the blessings for ourselves only.  Blessings are to be celebrated and shared with others.  The mercy of God blooms in the odd events of our lives and is a true blessing.

A feeling of being forgiven by God, an experience of being healed from a terminal illness, meeting the significant person back in our lives, getting married to someone with fear of God and full of love, and more especially seeing again from physical blindness are the blessings of the mercy of God in the family of Tobit.

Tobit exclaimed, “I can see, my son, the light of my eyes!  For, having afflicted me, God has had pity on me and now I see my son Tobias.” (Tobit 11:11,15).

Our children are the light of our eyes.

When our children begin to live in fear of God and settle in their lives with the help of God, it brings enormous light into the lives of the parents.  But, in some other families, our children through their selfish, evil, and greedy choices make their parents go blind and become sorrowful.  To recognize God in our lives, we need to believe in God’s mercy and love and that God will bring us fruition and blessings.

The responsorial Psalm praises, “My soul, give praise to the Lord.” (Ps.145:2).

In the Gospel, Jesus clarified the minds of the Pharisees and their beliefs about Christ is the son of David.  When we have chosen to be blind, we do not recognize Jesus as our Messiah, the anointed one, the Christ.  Jesus is not only the son of David but also God’s only Son.

“No one can say ‘Jesus is Lord’ except by the Holy Spirit.  (1 Cor. 12:3).

It is the delight and joy of the Holy Spirit in the daily events of our lives, we profess the Lordship of Jesus.  May you have a good day.

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